The Importance Of Hiring The Right Siding Company

Hiring the right siding company can mean the difference between a costly temporary fix, and a longstanding solution.
As a longstanding siding company, Owner Mika Kutvonen began his construction career in 2001.
As a Bachelor of Business graduate, Mika identified a need for quality contractors that operate with a great deal of professionalism and customer service. He also recognized a need for improved workmanship, transparency, and education for Strata Owners.
Whether managing your buildings Rot Repair or Siding Installations – choosing the riding siding company truly matters. Here’s why.
Mike Holmes would be the first to express that, regardless of what you are hiring a contractor to oversee and implement, hiring the RIGHT company for the job matters.
So, what qualifies a ‘right company’?
As per Mike Holmes himself… this is the ‘Cheat Sheet: How to Hire the Right Contractor’…
Slow down
Finding the right contractor and setting up the job will take longer than doing the job itself. If you’re in a rush, put it off.
Educate yourself

Learn what it takes to do the right job – not to do it yourself, but to know what questions you need to ask and the answers a pro would give you.
Check references
And not just 3. Go see as many jobs completed by the contractor as possible, including projects done years ago. These tell you the performance and durability of their work.
Do a background check
Make sure they have the proper insurance with minimum liability coverage of $5 million. Call their insurance company to verify their coverage and that it hasn’t expired.
Get in writing
Before hiring a contractor, review their proposal and quote. They should include every detail about the job. If they’re vague, move on.
We are experts in the removal, replacement and installation of many types of exterior siding, delivering services that include:
• Complete Building Envelope Restoration
• Targeted Repairs
• Building Envelope Assessment & Reporting
• Rot Repair
• Window & Door Replacement
• Membrane Replacement and Deck Repairs
We have successfully helped strata properties to manage their…
• Building envelope restoration
• Siding replacement
• Stucco replacement
• Rot Repair
• Leak investigation
• Rainscreening
• Vinyl siding
Siding Replacement
• Exterior restorations
• Building envelope condition assessment
• …and more
If you are looking for a siding company Kallio Restoration would be happy to have a conversation about your needs and desired outcome to see if we are the right fit for you – contact us today to learn more.