Why do we need video conferencing?

Hiring managers speakme to a candidate via a video call

Multipoint conferencing

Multipoint video conferencing entails three or more members; that’s why it’s also referred to as “institution video conferencing”. This isn’t like the 3-manner calling that comes as a characteristic with many commercial enterprise phone structures.


With multipoint conferencing, you could host or be part of conferences with large companies. This makes it perfect for companies with several workplace places and remote workers. In instances like this, a conference bridge is available in on hand.


A convention bridge is essentially software program or hardware used as a hub for a massive conference name. Think of it as a manner for special companies of humans to join a unmarried assembly.


There are many methods a good way to conduct a multipoint video conference, usually depending on the quantity of energetic speakers inside the assembly and the total range of individuals.




Team meetings

Workers behavior crew conferences to achieve a particular goal. It requires higher-great cameras to seize a room full of human beings and a selection microphone to make sure your audio is clear.



A webinar is an online presentation that pursuits to train individuals. Unlike crew meetings, which can be open discussions, webinars put the focus at the speaker or facilitator. Businesses normally use this layout for product launches and demos.


How does video conferencing work?

Video conferencing is powered via VoIP, the technology that makes voice communications over the net feasible. In order to transfer audio and video alerts between two locations, VoIP relies on unique algorithms known as formats (coder-decoder).


Data compression (coding)

Imagine an ongoing virtual meetings. The digital camera captures analog video signals and, while a person speaks, the microphone captures their audio alerts. VoIP turns those alerts into data packets for the net to understand and for the transfer to begin.


Data switch and decompression (interpreting)

The packets of information journey over the net. When they attain their destination, they change again into analog video and audio indicators for the attendees on the other aspect to look and hear.


Conferencing solutions commonly include echo cancellation to put off sound delays. This way, the audio and video stay in sync. Depending at the company you pick out, you’ll discover that there are various different capabilities that make video conferencing the sort of powerful commercial enterprise device.