What is your definition of a lifestyle?

What is Lifestyle?

Lifestyle is a person’s way of living. Lifestyle can be explained as people, households or societies manner of dwelling which they show on each day foundation to survive of their physical, psychological, social, and economic environments. The term ‘way of life’ changed into introduced inside the Nineteen Fifties as that means of that of “fashion in art”.

This can be expressed in way of their work lifestyles or entertainment existence. Another definition states that it displays self picture that how you have a look at your self and what you feel approximately your self.

Importance of Lifestyle

Lifestyle is generally expressed by way of people, families or societies hobbies, sports, mindset, values and reviews which displays your way of thinking. It is often motivated by culture, social values, demographics, own family and reference businesses. It is end result of desires, wishes, dreams and motivation. Now-a-days even era is especially impacting way of existence for human beings. Study of way of life of customers is known as psychographics which is regularly utilized in segmentation of STP (Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning). Analysis of clients way of existence in making purchase selection is frequently studied.

Many researchers have conducted researches on way of lifestyles of consumers in studying buying behaviour and choice making of clients. It is taken into consideration in psychographic segmentation. Knowledge Website It is thought that type of products and brand an man or woman uses displays its dwelling fashion and private traits. There is not any standardised way of life segmentation model utilized by advertising research firms or advertising companies to goal favored consumers. Advertising employer Young and Rubican has developed way of life model referred to as Cross Cultural Consumer Characteristics (four Cs). So it is a image of purchasers mind-set, critiques and interests and widely used in psychographics.

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