What does a Glock stand for?

Your GLOCK pistol need to be cleaned and lubricated:


When it’s latest, before it’s fired for the primary time

After every time it’s fired

At least as soon as a month, if it hasn’t been utilized in that point

If it’s been uncovered to rain, snow, perspiration, salt water, dirt, dust, and many others.

If you’re using your GLOCK pistol very heavily, we advise that you have it inspected periodically. A GLOCK licensed armorer can do this, or you may ship it to GLOCK, Inc. To be inspected. You can use our DEALER LOCATOR to find a GLOCK certified armorer on your place.


If your GLOCK wishes any other element replaced, that have to be finished by means of an authorized GLOCK armorer.


Cleaning Your GLOCK


Proper cleansing and lubrication prevents corrosion and eliminates collected dirt and particles that may have an effect on your pistol’s operation. Check the owner’s guide to your GLOCK model for where to use lubricant and how much to use.


NOTE: Applying the precise amount of lubrication is prime. Too lots lubrication can have an effect on the pistol’s performance.


Each time you smooth your GLOCK pistol, it should be area-stripped (disassembled into its major components).


Handing Down Your GLOCK


If you properly hold your GLOCK at some stage in your ownership, it will likely be in ideal situation at hand down for generations. Many firearms are surpassed down from technology to era, but it’s crucial to be conscious what the laws are for your country in terms of passing these items on.


Safe Storage at Home


Safe garage at domestic is an essential part of being a accountable gun owner.


How all of it commenced


Gaston Glock, an Austrian engineer, a hit businessman, and manufacturer of injection molding elements and additives, based GLOCK Ges.M.B.H in 1963.


Stripes for sale In the Seventies, development and manufacturing begin-up of the first army products commenced to take place with the improvement of a line of knives, grenade casings and gadget gun belt links.


In the early 1980’s, the semi-automated GLOCK provider pistol become born in reaction to satisfy the needs of the Austrian army. It’s polymer body and the developed SAFE ACTION® System revolutionized the pistol marketplace


First of its type

Mr. Glock become constructing the pistol for the Austrian navy and regulation enforcement, which supposed it had to be ready to fireplace at a second’s observe in existence-threatening conditions. To address this crucial want, Mr. Glock designed his pistol with three internal safeties – the cause, firing pin and drop safeties – to make sure that the pistol would carry out continuously while presenting the great protection in opposition to accidental discharge.