Three Common Types of Electrical Discharge Machining

EDM and safety?

How safe is EDM? This is absolutely a question that issues many technicians coming in touch with EDM for the primary time. The need for high voltage and reoccurring sparks make it appear to be a safety risk to green people. As lengthy because the machine is used in keeping with manufacturer specification, however, there is no brilliant hazard involved.

The Metalforming Magazine offers guidelines on how to make certain process safety. These are some of the measures that want to be taken to run an EDM system properly:

Operators and workers should be well educated to work with electric discharge machining

Make sure that fireplace protection measures are established and regularly maintained.

Keep a watch at the fluid: EDM machine The level of the dielectric fluid is of extreme significance. The liquid prevents the release from crossing to conductive materials other than the workpiece.

Proper air flow can easy the air of gases that might be produced within the fluid because of chemical reactions accompanying the release.

You must reveal the dielectric fluid while it is circulating to ensure it retains its non-conductive characteristics.

EDM machines and automation

There are numerous providers of EDM machines. Among the maximum famous producers are Mitsubishi Electric, OPS Ingersoll, Makino, Excetek, Sodick, GF Machining Solutions and Ona.

A modern fashion is the automation of the EDM technique. This does now not handiest consist of the spark or twine erosion itself however also the machining of the electrodes. Using CNC machine gear to device electrodes, EDM machines, cleansing and measuring stations and — ultimate but no longer least — storage areas and robot devices to deal with the electrodes, the EDM method may be carried out mechanically. This guarantees that a sparker is continually fed short enough with electrodes. The machining of those electrodes and the erosion procedure may be programmed to take region over night time, accordingly, making production strategies a whole lot more time efficient. Additionally, a higher worklode can be processed without additional workforce. Several processes can happen simultaneously, along with eroding, measuring, milling, laser engraving and cleansing. Companies that have applied automation of their production procedures have witnessed good sized time financial savings and an growth in turnover.