The complete luxury guide to diving Komodo in style

Komodo Liveaboard Diving

There are liveaboards at a huge sort of budgets operating around Komodo, earlier than you book do studies and read evaluations at the boats. We did no longer dive from those boats, however did a bit bit of homework for you to help you choose.

Budget liveaboard diving Komodo

Dragon Dive, Indonesia

Want to get a taste of a liveaboard, this is the lowest price range you may do it on with dormitory accommodation or cabins to be had at the boat and doing shorter journeys. Can now not even do day journeys with food and lodging for this charge. Bali Diving For details or reserving Dragon Dive Komodo

from US$ 121 / day (3D/2N and longer)

sundeck has comfortable loungers and hammocks

all trips move and see the dragons on Rinca Island

cabins functions air-conditioning and personal en-suite bathrooms

Dive qualifications wished for diving in Komodo National Park

There are many websites with varying revel in required. Some websites do have sturdy currents and down currents do once in a while occur. Experience is critical to dive right here. You can dive a few beautiful spots and notice extremely good matters with an open water qualification (18m max), study my dive log for Komodo beneath. Your dive operator ought to handiest take you on dives desirable on your revel in level. They will examine this and location you in a suitable dive institution. Don’t be shy to speak about problems around this and organization length with them earlier than you move on the dive.

Dive Insurance

It is critical to have coverage whilst touring, mainly in case you are doing adventure activities with risk involved. If you want evacuation or decompression remedy it could be very luxurious. Make positive you are taking out the perfect cowl. Get a on-line quote in seconds. Have your ride, your fitness and your tools protected, examine the small print. World Nomads Diving Insurance