New York 518 Area Code | Area Code Overlay

To guarantee a proceeding with supply of phone numbers, the new 838 region code will be added to the area served by 518. This is known as an area code overlay.


What is a region code overlay?

An overlay is the expansion of another area code (838) to a similar geographic locale as a current region code (518).

An overlay doesn’t expect clients to change their current region code.


Who will be impacted?

The area code 518 covers all or part of 17 provinces in eastern upstate New York, serving networks in the Capital area of Albany and its encompassing rural areas, like Plattsburgh and Lake Placid. The new 838 region code will serve a similar geographic region presently served by the current 518 region code.


When will the change start?

Starting September 19, 2017, new phone lines or administrations might be alloted numbers utilizing the new 838 region code. All calls made inside and between region codes 518 and 838 should be set utilizing the 10-digit phone number (518 or 838 or more the 7-digit phone number).