How to Make a Balloon Garland and Arch?

It has a number of brilliant lovely balloon garland kits with custom hues and precise balloons together with confetti and metallic.

Command Hooks

Removable hooks make placing balloon garlands a snap! I simplest needed one 1-pound weight Command Hook to attach my whole unicorn balloon garland to the wall. NOTE: If you’re putting a garland outdoor, then I propose using screw eyes with fishing line as a substitute.Electric balloon pump (non-compulsory but exceptionally encouraged)


Why oh why didn’t I buy an electric powered balloon pump, like 10 birthdays in the past?!? An electric powered pump is so fast and easy! And personally, I truly hate the flavor of latex balloons (barf) and there’s no want for that with an electric balloon pump. Yes, you may still make a balloon garland the usage of only a hand pump, or no pump at all, however you’ll be a lot happier in case you use this kind of electric infants.How to Make a Balloon Garland with a Strip.


I’m going to reveal you a way to make a balloon garland with strip. Event Spaces There are other approaches to make balloon garlands that contain fishing line and twisting two balloons collectively but the use of a strip could be simplest for beginners.1. Blow up balloons


Blow up balloons and tie. Again, I totally advise this inexpensive electric balloon pump. Here’s a terrific video that suggests a way to use the balloon tie tool to keep away from sore palms.


Attach balloons to the redecorating strip

Some motion pictures that I watched advise cutting the strip before including balloons. I disagree — don’t reduce the strip! There’s no want to cut the strip till AFTER you’ve added balloons and the arch is the duration that you need it to be.


Be sure to depart approximately 6-eight″ of open holes at the adorning strip so you can use it to grasp onto the wall. I wanted my ‘unicorn mane’ to go with the flow down the wall and sit down on the floor, so I most effective needed to depart space on one aspect. However, if you’re attaching both facets of the balloon arch then leave 6-8″ empty on both facets.


Pull the knot of the balloon completely via the decorating strip. Be positive that you’ve pulled the entire knot thru the hole instead of simply the free stop.One of the exceptional YouTube tutorials that I watched recommended attaching most effective medium and massive balloons to the adorning strip and attaching all of the 5″ balloons the usage of glue dots. I can see how this would work nicely with indoor balloon arches, but for outside garlands, it is probably exceptional to connect most (if now not all) balloons securely to the decorating strip so that they don’t fly away.