Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are thin lenses that fit directly on the surface of the eye. They are an ocular prosthetic device, which more than 150 million people use worldwide for cosmetic, therapeutic, or vision correction purposes. Depending on the type of lens, you may need to change the way you look at work or play. In either case, a contact lens is a good option if you’re suffering from poor eyesight, or if you want to improve your appearance.

Although contact lenses are a medical device, they require the expertise of an eye doctor. You should only purchase them from a licensed practitioner. The lenses should be properly cared for to avoid complications. You should also avoid purchasing them online or through a third korean colored contact lenses AU party. These products may not be as safe as what you’ve been prescribed. While they may look more attractive or are less expensive, you’ll need to pay more for a good fit and proper cleaning.

To insert your contact lens, first look for rips or tears. Then, place it cup-side up over the cornea. Next, follow the instructions on the packaging. You should also use special cleaning solutions. Never use any other solution. When you’re cleaning your contact lenses, always wash your hands first and dry them thoroughly. You should also make sure you don’t touch your lenses with bacteria or other contaminants. If you’re going swimming, remove your lenses before jumping into a hot tub or if you plan to go for a run.