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Protection Against Light and Outside Air

Two of marijuana’s largest enemies are light and oxygen. (We’ll get to the 0.33 rapidly.)


This isn’t a current discovery. A have a look at carried out again in 1976 found that exposure to outside light, mainly ultraviolet rays from the sun, is the number one purpose why weed degrades through the years. The mild turns THCA (the precursor acid that will become THC while it’s activated) into non-psychoactive CBN.


That’s one motive why it’s continually been a horrific idea to preserve flowers in a baggie. Its translucent properties permit mild to smash the bud in a hurry.


Here’s the alternative cause: even Ziploc luggage permit a few outdoor air to get into the bag, Oxygen accelerates the conversion of THC to CBN, and additionally reasons weed’s terpenes (which make a contribution to flavor, aroma, and potency) to oxidize and degrade.


The first-rate weed stash packing containers might be opaque, stopping all mild publicity. They’ll additionally seal air-tight.


Sealing in Aroma

Some fortunate people who smoke don’t need to fear approximately people detecting the odor of their weed. For maximum, but, it’s a challenge. Others revel in the aroma whilst they’re smoking up, however don’t need to odor it 24 hours a day.


That makes smell-evidence weed packing containers specifically valuable. A container that seals tightly is a fantastic begin, however the exceptional options also contain carbon filters, rubber seals and gaskets, or other features that make it clearly not possible for the telltale odor to get away.


There’s one related word to don’t forget. Some stash field substances have their personal herbal smell that can inadvertently be transferred for your flower. Perfect Weed Box Some sorts of plastic may also even incorporate harmful BPAs that can be transferred to your weed as well. Metal and glass are higher choices than wood or plastic on the subject of scent and safety.



We’ve stated that stored herb has three natural enemies. Humidity is the 0.33.


Cannabis that has been well cured and dried can have moisture content within the 10-12% range. But excessive humidity tiers in a garage field (or inside the outdoor environment) will boost the amount of water that weed will absorb. That makes it much more likely that the flower will grow mildew or mould. Relative humidity that’s too low will purpose the flower to dry out, degrade and crumble.