Bonaire Hotels – The original Travel & Lodging Guide

What to Pack for Bonaire


Casual or informal apparel are appropriate nearly anywhere except for the extra upscale restaurants, so p.C. Those tees, turn flops, and sundresses!


Most humans put on their swimming tools at the seashore simplest. Bring a short-drying shirt and cowl-americaif you propose on leaving the seaside to grab a piece to eat. In the water, use a wetsuit (a shorty will do), a rash protect, or a light-weight long-sleeved shirt for sun safety.


Don’t overlook approximately a reef-secure, natural sunscreen! You do not want to damage the coral reefs or get an unpleasant sunburn while at the journey. You should purchase green sunscreen on the island however it’ll be lots extra luxurious than in case you carry it from home.


Get your snorkel, dive gadget and tough-soled boots for shore diving or shore snorkelling ready, too. If you don’t need to lug all your equipment with you on the aircraft, there are masses of dive shops and rental stands that you could get equipment from.


The Travel Water Bottle is a ought to. Disposable plastic water bottles harm the surroundings and are hard for the island to dispose of. Bonaire’s faucet water is purified and secure to drink, so you can refill your bottle anywhere.


Lastly, keep in mind to deliver different important objects like prescription medicine, a digicam, sunglasses, or garments you discovered you will want.




Bonaire consists of two towns: Kralendijk which is the island’s capital and Rincon, the vintage town.


Snorkel on the turquoise water, or dive and discover the marine existence on some of the popular spots like Lac Cai, Te Amo Beach, Pink Beach, a thousand Steps, Bachelor’s Beach, Boka Slagbaai, and Playa Frans. About 86 dive sites and ordinary ample marine life awaits you!


Sorobon Beach and Atlantis seashore have shallow water and consistent trade winds ideal for windsurfing or kitesurfing.


Pay a go to to Vacation Bonaire little sibling, Klein Bonaire. The uninhabited island just off the coast of Kralendijk is home to turtle nesting grounds and a number of the high-quality snorkelling you’ll ever revel in.