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Benefits of Concrete Leveling

Concrete leveling is a process that attempts to correct uneven concrete surfaces by altering the foundation. It is a popular method used in homes, small businesses, warehouses, and airports, and is an affordable alternative to replacement. Seismic activity can also result in uneven footings and surfaces. The process can also be used to prevent structural damage, including cracks in the foundation. Here are some things to consider when considering this service.

Soil settlement creates voids under a slab, which will result in sinking. If this is not fixed, the new slab will settle, which will make it look uneven. Slabjacking is an alternative to slab replacement, as it solves the underlying problem. This technique does not disturb the landscape and does not require building permits. This method of concrete leveling will fix the problem permanently. A typical project will take a few hours, and it will strengthen the existing concrete.

Concrete leveling is a permanent solution to the problem, saving fifty to seventy percent compared to replacing the entire slab. It will also eliminate the color difference between the old and new slab. The process can be completed in just one day, and will strengthen the existing concrete. And unlike slab replacement, it does not require building permits and is less disruptive to the landscape. The only drawback to concrete leveling is the cost of the repair.

Luckily, concrete leveling is an affordable alternative to slab replacement. This procedure is permanent, and can save you fifty to seventy percent over the cost of replacement. A concrete leveling service will not disturb the landscape, and you don’t need to get a building permit. Plus, a concrete leveling company will be able to fix your problem within a few hours. So, the next time you are thinking about repairing your concrete floor, think about hiring a professional. You’ll be glad you did.

A concrete leveling contractor will use equipment that is specialized for this purpose. The equipment is a bit bulky and can’t reach all confined spaces. Additionally, it can cost as much as $15 per square foot if you have to pay two professionals to complete the job. Depending on your needs, a concrete leveling company can be done in just a few hours. The cost depends on the complexity of the problem, the amount of concrete, and the location.

Another benefit of concrete leveling is that it is environmentally friendly and doesn’t disturb the landscape. The process also saves you 50-75% over the cost of replacing a slab, so it’s better than mudjacking. It also doesn’t require any building permits. And because it doesn’t involve a lot of drilling, concrete leveling is the best solution for a damaged or unleveled slab. In addition to saving money, this procedure also reinforces the structure and the surrounding area.