AkioSurvey Review – Is AkioSurvey an Online Survey Tool?

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The free version of the AkioSurvey application lets you create online surveys and questionnaires. Its features are very simple to use, and it allows you to view the results in real time and graphically. You can also export your results to Excel or CSV files, and you can send your respondents a link to complete the survey. The paid versions offer more features, such as advanced branching and ad-blocking.

The Professional package includes features like respondent identification, brand logo in the survey header, and deactivation of the AkioSurvey label. You can also pay through PayPal, which makes it safe to use credit cards. Then, you can create an invoice for your results. The free version allows you to store your survey data in a spreadsheet and export it to Excel. If you need more flexibility, the Premium version has features such as a data analytics tool, and it’s also easy to set up reports and dashboards.

Creating an online survey with AkioSurvey is easy. The tool features 14 survey question types and subtypes. You can use multiple choice, text box, and date. You can also use an essay box to ask a question that is not mandatory. Then, you can design a matrix of options with your company’s logo and other details. The transparency feature lets you show or hide your logo, so your respondents won’t be able to see it.

When creating an online survey with AkioSurvey, you can customize the graphical design and add a logo or other information. You can choose between a default color for your responses and a custom color theme. For example, you could use the yellow background for your survey. Then, you can choose the background for your responses, and add a photo or logo. Using a theme in the platform will make your survey look more personalized and eye-catching.

Creating an online survey is very easy with AkioSurvey. There are 14 different types of questions and subtypes. The survey questions include multiple choice, text box, date, and matrix of choices. Each type can be customized and set to contain various sections. You can also use a logo. In the free version, you can customize the background colors and fonts of your questionnaire.

The user interface of AkioSurvey is very customizable. You can add a company logo to the header and use a different background color for your questions. The software offers private and public surveys. You can choose between public and private surveys. It keeps your data safe. It does not share your responses with third parties or aggregate your data. You can also use the free version for personal surveys, or use the paid one for marketing research.