A day in the life of an EPC assessor

Primary and secondary warmth supply, controls
Bar warmth pumps, electric warmers nearly always get penalized on EPCs. So, in case you’re presently the use of plug-in electric powered radiators or fan heaters as a secondary warmness source, take them out!
Home insulation
The more insulation, the higher. If there’s no insulation, you will turn out to be being penalized in your EPC score. It’s a terrific concept to have insulation in all the main cavities to improve your EPC score. Additionally, loft insulation ought to be topped up to 270mm thick according to updated Building Regulations.
Energy saving mild bulbs
The EPC assessor will want to check out every room inside the residence to find out what percentage of your lighting fixtures are strength-green. There’s a wide style of those bulbs on the market, best of all being LED lights designed for the house. The preliminary value of an LED is barely greater than an ordinary halogen bulb, however changing the lights in your property with extra efficient ones is possibly the most inexpensive and fastest methods to improve your house’s efficiency.
The greater glazing you’ve got to your windows, the higher your EPC score can be. Single glazing doesn’t offer as a great deal safety as double glazing, and at instances, triple glazing can be an option. However, the in advance cost desires to be weighed up in opposition to how this may impact your EPC score.
Hot water
If you insulate your water tank and pipes with lagging, this can boom your EPC score. Energy Performance Certificate This is as it adds electricity efficiency via maintaining your hot water hotter for longer.
Air tightness
EPC assessors will look at the air tightness price of your house. The lower the air tightness fee, the better – that is in which draught proofing ought to clearly are available on hand.
It’s profitable spending some time on your home getting things so as before the EPC assessor visits. By setting time and a bit bit of energy into enhancing your EPC score, you could ensure that your property will gain the pleasant efficiency viable for that kind and age of building. There are some matters which you gained’t be capable of repair, but enforce many of the smaller enhancements (like draught proofing, loft insulation and energy-efficient lighting) and you’ll be rewarded with a higher EPC score.